Getting Results By Taking Action In Your Business..

Getting Results By Taking Action

Getting Results By Taking Action

Every person online with a home based business has heard the term “taking action” to achieve goals and milestones in their business. Easier said than done a lot of people think.

if you look carefully at the word “action” this is a very board word on its own.

So we shall start by looking into what exactly do you need to “take action” on to be able to get results in your business, we do this by getting into the right mindset and start setting yourself realistic goals you can believe you can achieve.

This post is going to alter your mindset and thinking slightly to make you believe you can achieve a goal, to then actually taking action and making it a reality

First Steps To Getting Results By Taking Action

We all know Getting Results By Taking Action in your business is not as simple as just diving in head first without any sort of plan in your head or written down. Every knows without a plan before hand you can not leverage on your results if you get any.


Your attitude need to be in the correct place before you begin. This is important in knowing what you need to complete and how you are going to do it.

Some of the valid reasons people fail online is because of doubt, fear, negativity and attitude. These will all affect your results amongst a lot of other things also

Ask yourself “What is stopping me from taking my business to the next level”? Once you have worked out the roadblock in your way then work out how you will overcome it and do whatever it takes.

How To Start Getting Results By Taking Action In Your Business

Have you ever thought why so many people online are not making money and failing at everything they do? It all comes down to your mindset, thinking and behavior

There is always some reason or some excuse that people are not ready to tell themselves “you know what enough is enough lets do this no matter what !” Even though what they are doing is going to change there lives forever

So answer this question

What can you do in your business to make sure you take action and implement it fully to achieve the results you want?

Some very “to the point” suggestions below :

Excuses - You are always talking yourself out of doing things and this is limiting your action taking to the maximum. Stop making excuses you are stopping your dreams and your future from being the best it can be.

Skills - Not having the certain skills to complete a certain task? Change that and learn, so much information online by watching videos on You Tube, reading articles or even going on a course to get the best education you can. If you don’t have the time to do this then outsource this task to someone who is a expert at it.

Deadlines and Goals Must Be Set - Making 1 million in profit in 1 year is a unrealistic goal, but maybe just making any sort of profit is not. Getting X amount of prospects subscribed to your list this week or month, improving sales by x %. These are all targets and always have a deadline or they will just drag on.

Time - Plan how much time per week you will dedicate to your business and getting something done. Plan your day and week in advance. working hard in your business pays off, you also need to plan for rest, time with family and sleep.

Flexible - Great business owners learn to be flexible the more they are their own boss.

Just aside from this post you may find even more things that I haven’t considered here. Stay on your tasks, your goals and your deadlines all the time.

In the end “Getting Results By Taking Action” is about DOING! business owners and entrepreneurs had to start somewhere. They did not sit around thinking about what they can do and what they can achieve, they needed to take action by what they believed they could do to change there life.

Right now, this very moment is your chance to begin setting goals and objectives and start taking action – are you prepared to step up to the plate and turn those dreams into reality?

Before I end this post I want you to action 3 things :

1. Write down 3 goals that you plan to hit in your business by the end of the next month

2. Make a list of 3 excuses which are stopping your business from getting to the next level

3. Share this information with your contacts and team members

In my home business I have learned to complete the 30-30 – 30 rule to allow me to get rid of all negativity, fear and making excuses to become thinking positively, doing whatever it takes and not being scared of going outside my comfort zone.

The 30 – 30 – 30 Rule To Getting Results By Taking Action

Read for 30 – 60 mins EVERY DAY

Listen to Audio 30 – 60 mins EVERY DAY

Watch video 30 – 60 mins EVERY DAY

When you do this everyday you will notice your mindset will begin to switch approx as you reach 30 days. I am taking about doing this 7 days a week that means Saturday and Sunday aswell.

If you do not do this every single day then your “WHY” is not strong enough and you need to re-think what you are doing in a home based business.

I have learned all my education from top leaders and from my business The Empower Network

If you would like to get a flavor what you can expect from the Empower Network watch the video below :


Dedicated to your Success

Lee & Martin




Empower Network Team UK – First Event – London – 31st August 2013

Empower Network Team UK  is just beginning……….

Myself and my business partner had been pumped for this event for a while now and before we knew it, the event was HERE! I was up at around 3.45am to make the 3 and half hour drive to the venue which was in Kensington Forums – Holiday Inn – London. A very up market part of London where £250,000 cars drive through here all day everyday. It was incredible to see.

We arrived at around 7.45am and parked underground the hotel where we found around 6 Ferrari’s covered and parked.

empower network team uk

Incredible to see – especially when you are at a event with 6 and 7 figure earners

We decided to walk around the area for a short while as registration was not until 9am and eventually managed to get taking to a few people as they arrived for the event.

This included Paulo Barusso, Simon Stepsys and Shakir Hussein

empower network team uk

empower network team uk

First on the agenda was infact the agenda

empower network team uk

The show then begun with 2 videos. One from David Sharpe ( co founder of Empower Network) and he delivered his message to the Empower Network Team UK and basically why this business is just going to get bigger and bigger and how the UK needs to start hearing about us and what we are doing to change peoples lives here!

The second video was from the number 1 earner in Empower Network Vick Strizheus. He basically taught us how he runs his business and what top tips he has for us to stay committed to the success ahead. He did speak for half an hour which was again motivational. Vick has earned over 2.3 million dollars in less than 12 months

Empower Network Team UK – Simon Stepsys

empower network team uk

Simon StepsysEmpower Network Team UK Leader went through a presentation he had prepared which was identifying important things that needed to be done to build your business on a daily basis, how you go about them tasks and why you do them tasks. It was very informative and everyone in the room was making notes from start to finish

Empower Network Team UK – Paulo Barusso

empower network team uk

Paulo BarussoEmpower Network Team UK Leader basically spoke about his story of getting to where was today which was very inspirational and he was incredible to listen to. Although he was not a public speaker, it felt like he has been doing it for years.

He also went into a 30/30 rule which is something I will explain to you more once your in my team. It will change your life!

You can listen to Paulo’s story below

Empower Network Team UK – Susan Beesley

empower network team uk

Susan shows us a lot of detail how she blogs every day within 30 mins, what she does to share that content out to people and how to SEO it so it gets good results in the search engines. This where a lot of notes were taken.

If you need to know more about blogging , SEO and syndicating your content the Empower Network has all the education you need to get your content seen by hundreds if not thousands of people online.

We then went into a break approx 1.30 ish to grab some lunch and able to reflect on what we have learned in the morning session. This also gave us a chance to speak to other members and share ideas with each other.

Empower Network Version 2

empower network team uk

Launch is in 23 Days from the day I wrote this postDon’t just sit back take action and GET IN NOW!!!!

Watch the SNEAK PREVIEW of ENv2 below

 Special Guest – Shakir Hussein ( Filthy Rich Earner With EN)

empower network team uk

Shakir Hussein came to present a huge presentation and I think would have listened to him all night. He went through his story, he showed us and explained all of his traffic techniques and I am talking websites where he got all of his traffic from and made over ($770k with EN – His results are not typical please see Empower Network disclaimer at the bottom of this page for more information)

I have all of these traffic tips and secrets to try – when you join Empower Network within my team I will personally show you exactly how you can get traffic easily, not expensive and FAST!!! – Everyone likes FAST traffic = Fast Results!!

We then closed the event – Simon quickly run through a day in the life of what he does which again was even more information – we then got some more pictures at the end , spoke to a few friends and got ready to hit the road by back home.

The day was epic, motivational, inspiring and above all mind blowing!!!!

I also made a sale while being inspired – away from my computer and not doing any work

empower network team uk

What to do next

  •  If your not in already – Join my Empower Network team for $25 HERE
  • Book your seat at the next UK event on October 5th HERE
  • When you have joined add me on Facebook so we can connect HERE

empower network team uk

I look forward to seeing you on the inside with Empower Network Team UK

empower network team uk


I Get Hundreds Of People As Me The Same ? – How To Recruit People In MLM Business?

How To Recruit People In MLM Business

How To Recruit People In MLM Business?

This is a post that a lot of people will take notice of as whenever I speak to people online they always ask about “How To Recruit People In MLM Business”. If you have been working online for a while or maybe you are a newbie but believe me when you know “how” then recruiting can be very simple and easy to do.

How To Recruit People In MLM Business

You may be involved with a business online in which the top earners just have everything laid out for them and to them its all easy. They don’t have to learn to create content, make videos everyday, call leads etc.

Now you ask yourself……


These people don’t do all this stuff your doing and yet they are bringing in more and more people each month. Are they a genius? Do they hold the secrets you and everyone else needs to know? The answer is NO! All they do is get people to view the presentation of an overview of their business! Thats All!!

” But Lee, I show my presentation to a lot of people and they still don’t join”

Well Problem number 1 – Your first problem is dwelling on people who DON’T want to join your business, who are not paying you and couldn’t give a crap about your business and your team. 95% of people out there won’t join your business, its about finding the 5% of people that do want to join your business, and let me tell you they are out there!!

Second you may be attracting the wrong “crowd” and therefore you struggle to recruit people into your network marketing business. The higher quality traffic that you can get to your presentation or sales funnel the more people you will be able to recruit into your mlm business. Watch the video below as I explain how you can recruit more people into your network marketing business.

My second point is you may be attracting the wrong crowd and therefore will struggle to ring people in becuase the people your connecting with just aren’t looking to join anything right now. You could offer everything and more in bonuses but just fighting a losing battle.

At the end of the day it all comes down to traffic in the network marketing industry and one simple formula :

How To Recruit People In MLM Business

Traffic = Leads = Sales

The more traffic that see your presentation, the more people want more information and opt in to your list , then the more sales you convert.

Myself and my team here at the Empower Network can show you how to get thousands of people to watch your presentation and how to recruit serious minded people into your business

How To Recruit People In MLM Business?

Step 1 – Click the Banner Below

How To Recruit People In MLM Business

Step 2 – Subscribe To My List

Step 3 – Watch the Video Presentation………………. (be blown away)

Step 4 – Get Started today for $25 and starting educating yourself to recruit into your business every single day!

I will see you on the inside soon………

business card

How To Recruit People In MLM Business?

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing Online

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing Online


In 2008 a incredible $2.1 billion in affiliate marketing fees were paid to blog owners and website owners and since then Affiliate marketing has rose to the top business opportunities online because the joining fees are low and the income you can earn is simply mind blowing.

You will need your own website/blog to get started in affiliate marketing. You can get a high authority blog by CLICKING HERE! Every sale you get from your website counts as a commissions or a payment which then directly comes to you.

Marketing as a affiliate can be done part time or full time depending on how much time you have to spend doing it. You can see below there are 6 steps to get yourself started:

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing Online Steps

1. Get A Blog Or Website

To get started as a affiliate marketer you will need a website or blog to promote your products and services on. There are many websites that you can use to do this like WordPress or I simply use The Empower Network Blog. This has a very high authority and is ranked very high on Alexa so my content out ranks other sites very easily.

Check out how I can rank number 1 on Google by >>>>clicking here<<<<<<

Check out the Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform >>>>HERE<<<<

Once you have your website/blog setup I would go to go and choose a domain name that relates to your website – mine is

2. Make a decision on your niche/product

Affiliate marketers help businesses and entrepreneurs sell there products and information based on a commission. You have to decide what niche you want to go after as there is millions of affiliate products available online to choose from. I always pick a niche with a few products so you can have a variety on your website to offer customers.

3. Promote – Promote – Promote

Promote your website and blog to the internet. Share your content , videos , images on social media on article sites or you could go into paid advertising which I will go into a little bit further down. If you can get FREE traffic to your blog then your onto a winner.

4. Content For Your Website

Content is the key in affiliate marketing and getting people to see your content is going to increase traffic, which will increase sales. I make it a daily task in my home business to blog every day and share that information to as much people as I can.

5. The Most Important – TRAFFIC

There are 4 main ways to increase traffic to your website:

  • Advertising (Paid) – This can be using pay-per-click ads, media buying, solo ads etc
  • Advertising (FREE) Posting ads on Craigslist and Gumtree, SEO and social media sharing
  • Marketing using Articles This is a great way to get a lot of traffic and thats by writing articles based on the products on your website. is a huge website which will get a lot of eyes on your articles.
  • Marketing using Email – Simply by emailing a lot of people about your products who are targeted to what you are promoting. This will increase hits to your website within24 hours if people open the email and see what you have to offer.

Affiliate marketing is such a huge business and can make people 6 figures and above. It can replace your full time job and many marketers online simply promote other peoples products and get paid!

As I mentioned above I have my own home based business and I am a affiliate of that business and we have 5 products which have been ranked 5 of the best internet marketing education products on the internet. It will show you everything step-by -step on how to build a business, how to market and how to create huge success online.

Check out the videos below of these top marketers who know all about How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing Online and feel FREE to take notes.

Vick has personally earned over $2.1 million with Empower Network

Simon Stepsys – Earns over $1 million a year…..My Mentor and Good Pal

Tracey Walker – Number 1 female income earner in Empower Network

 Powerful videos huh!!

You can easily get to that stage online with 3 key things :


Being Coachable


The Next Steps

I want you to click the banner below and I want you to COME ABOARD Team Freedom

( Remember Simon Stepsys in the video above is my mentor, you will be joining his wider team)

Don’t find excuses, Don’t look for ways out, Don’t put it off,

Don’t be a WUSSY!!!!

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing Online

We look forward to working with you and directing you to success


A Few Killer Tips On How To Do A Mobile Marketing Campaign

how to do a mobile marketing campaign

Mobile Marketing is not normally used with overall marketing but when you look at the process and the campaigns that you can do then it should definitely be looked at. You will need to look into all types of techniques like SMS promotion and bar codes to create a successful campaign to your audience.

Below are some killer tips on starting your mobile marketing campaigns

In business you need to fully understand how a message is consumed. Attention, Time or the customers surrounding depending on if they are in the office or at home. By using a brand you need to know how the message is going to be taken by the reader.

The mobile experience is very different to the browser ad and a lot of companies overlook this opportunity because it has some really serious attributes. But the awesome power lies in the ability to make a huge difference.

By the year 2014 there will be approx 7.3 billion of people using mobile phones.

This is just extraordinary. People rely on their phones for everything by using apps. This is why it is very important when you have a website make sure you have mobile version otherwise you will be losing a lot of potential clients.

How To Do A Mobile Marketing Campaign – Data

how to do a mobile marketing campaign

Another part of a campaign is knowing what data to collect as well as insights from this information. Look for the number of people that have viewed your advertisement and look at the demographics ( age, gender etc). It is vital to keep this information on hand because if you see a demographic that has done really well you can scale up that part of the marketing.

Capture pages or Landing pages are a very useful way of creating mobile marketing promotion activity and this a good way to collect a persons information so you can follow up with them later with deals, competitions or simply discounts etc

how to do a mobile marketing campaign

You might be thinking – Why Landing pages?

As mentioned above you can track all kinds of information from a landing page. You can edit the form and ask for relevant data that your interested in. Name, Email, Phone etc. Please keep these fields to a minimum as people will get put off if they have to fill in a lot of information.

Make you campaign relevant to people in the local area and letting your customers know what offers they have very close to them.

The final comment I am going to make it make sure all customer offers are relevant to the right people and make sure the website is easy to browse on using a phone. The loading of the page can also play a big part. Slow loading or difficult webpage to navigate and people will lose interest very quickly.

Inside my primary business we have some very interesting webinars and audios on Mobile Marketing and how to setup mobile marketing campaigns for your business. If you would like to get more information on these please follow the steps below to get plugged in.

1. Click On The Link HERE >> Join Lee & Martin Today

2. Get Plugged In To The Business

3. Begin taking action – ( The training can be found in the Inner Circle & 15k Formula)

how to do a mobile marketing campaign

If you enjoyed this post “how to do a mobile marketing campaign” please comment below and share with your connections via social media.

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